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AA Medallions

Sober Medallions offers recovery coins for many programs. Whether you need an AA coin or token, a drug court chip, or a rehabilitation center medallion, we offer recovery gifts for organizations that are committed to helping individuals in need. Our intentions are to support, empower, inspire and encourage individuals to gain sobriety and to create long term relationships with support groups and treatment centers. We carry traditional styles, including:

  • AA medallions and chips
  • Aluminum recovery tokens
  • Medallion gifts
  • Key tag with coins
  • And many more recovery gifts

AA Recovery Coins

We offer a wide variety of AA recovery coins so that you choose the ideal recovery token chip to carry with you everywhere. Our specialty AA coins include personalized editions for bikers, veterans, African Americans, Native Americans, and more. Affirmation medallions are anniversary coins that include a wide variety of inspirational engravings to aid you on your personal road to freedom from substance abuse. An affirmation chip or recovery token may include messages like, "Freedom to be me" and "Every day matters" will help inspire you or your loved one to continue to move forward and stay clean. AA medallions make perfectrecovery gifts.

AA Chips

Our "Desire" chips offer AA Medallions with a wide variety of phrases expressing hope, and encouragement, like "First Things First" and "Never Alone Again". For new-comers, it's important that they feel welcome, and it's an important role for more experienced friends to fellowship the newcomers. Recovery gifts, like any AA medallion or chip that we offer here, are ideal for the fellowshipping of new friends.

AA Tokens and Recovery Gifts

Our aluminum tokens come in many different colors which indicate how long one has been sober. There is a 24-hr coin, a coin for each month sober up to a year, and then we offer anniversary AA medallions which we will customize to match your number of years sober. The road to recovery can be long and difficult. Take an AA coin token on your path to help you along the way.

Let your loved one know you care by purchasing recovery coins and other recovery gifts from Sober Medallions.