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AA Medallions, NA Coins, AA Tokens, AA Chips & AA Court Coins

 Sober Medallions offers AA Recovery Coins, AA Medallions, AA Chips, AA Tokens and Al-Anon Coins for all programs. Whether you are looking for an AA Coin or AA Token, or a special AA Custom Rehab Coin we offer recovery AA Gifts for organizations that are committed to helping individuals in need. Our intentions are to support, empower, inspire and encourage individuals to gain sobriety and to create long term relationships with support groups and treatment centers. We carry traditional styles, including:

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We specialize in AA coins, chips & tokens, and we have a huge line of AA gift & colored coins for special occasions, including some exclusive AA medallions that are only sold by Sober Medallions.

We offer a wide variety of AA coins so that you can choose the ideal recovery token to carry with you everywhere. Our specialty coins include personalized editions for Bikers, Veterans, African Americans, Native Americans, and more. Affirmation medallions are AA chips that include a wide variety of inspirational message engravings to aid you on your personal road to freedom from substance abuse. An affirmation chip or recovery token may include messages like, "Freedom to be me" and "Every day matters" that will help inspire you or your loved one to continue to move forward and stay clean. AA Medallions make perfect recovery gifts!


   And many more recovery gifts both standard and custom

We service many Courts & Rehabs with special AA Court Recovery Coins & Medallions

AA Tokens and AA Recovery Gifts

Our "Desire" chips have a wide variety of phrases expressing hope, and encouragement, like "First Things First" and "Never Alone Again". For new-comers, it's important that they feel welcome, and it's an important role for more experienced friends to fellowship with the newcomers. Recovery AA Gifts, like any of the medallions and chips that we offer here, are ideal for the fellowshipping of new friends.

AA Custom Coins & Medallions

Our aluminum tokens come in many different colors which indicate how long one has been sober. There is a 24-hr coin, an AA Coin for each month sober up to a year, and then we offer anniversary AA medallions which we will customize to match the number of years sober. The road to recovery can be long and difficult. Take an AA coin token on your path to help you along the way.

Let your loved one know you care by purchasing recovery medallion gifts from Sober Medallions. We care and extend the best possible service.



People in Recovery Books & Resources - Find the encouragement and support you need with books and gifts that inspire lifelong recovery and personal growth Education Resources - Create a safe and cohesive learning environment for students kindergarten through college with evidence based resources Behavioral Health - Build a care plan tailored to your clients' specific needs with state-of-the-art, evidence based resources
Addiction Recovery, Practicing the Twelve Steps, Breaking Free from Codependency, Developing Resilience to Life's Challenges For; Students in Elementary School, Middle School through High School and Beyond. Resources that Prevent Substance Abuse, Violence & Anti-Social Behaviors, as well as Social and Emotional Learning Programs Programs that Successfully Treat Co-Occurring
Substance Use & Mental Health Disorders, Individual, Group, and Family Programs that Employ a Variety of Proven-Effective Treatment Modalities, as well as Opportunities for Professional Development
Clouds on a blue background on the front of this Wallet Card with the Twelve Steps

Yellow background on the back lists the Twelve Traditions.

12 Steps and 12 Traditions Wallet Card

12 Steps and 12 Traditions Wallet Card

Hazelden Puiblishing
Leading the Industry in Evidence-Based Programs

Hazelden Publishing creates and disseminates knowledge through innovative media and service solutions, based in evidence, to help youth and adults recognize, understand, and overcome substance abuse, addiction, and closely related issues. As the leading publisher of evidence-based prevention programs, we offer state-of-the-art resources in alcohol, drug, bullying, suicide, and dating violence prevention. Based on decades of research, our extensive collection of school- and community wide curricula and multimedia classroom resources, is designed to engage and inspire students, parents, faculty, and staff to take a unified stand in creating a healthy environment.

We are pleased to be your first choice provider of prevention programs for children and young adults. After you've had the opportunity to browse our bookstore, please give us a call. Our sales professionals can custom-create a solution to meet your unique needs.

Recovery Basics DVD

People find that almost every aspect of their life is uprooted and disrupted once they begin recovery, and these changes can be radical and far-reaching. Being well prepared during this transition dramatically increases the odds of a successful recovery.

Hazelden Publishing's Recovery Basics helps smooth that transition by equipping those in recovery with the strategies and tools needed when small choices can have big consequences. In this engaging video, mental health expert Amanda Klinger, PsyD, LP, from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation discusses six basic topics:

  • Starting Your Recovery
  • Preventing Relapse
  • Managing Your Day
  • Managing Thoughts and Feelings
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Keeping it Going
Specific techniques that address cravings, triggers, negative influences, conflicting emotions, shame, guilt, and relapse are all presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Find the encouragement and support you need with books and gifts that inspire lifelong recovery and personal growth. Create a safe and cohesive learning environment for students, kindergarten through college with evidence-based resources from Hazelden. Build a care plan tailored to your clients' specific needs with state-of-the-art, evidence-based resources from Hazelden.