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Celebrate your first month sober with this one month bright red aluminum anniversary token.  It will be a reminder of your hard work so far and the hard...

$0.53 $0.49
Aluminum AA Front: 18 Months Back: with the Serenity Prayer

Available 1 - 50 Years  Striking Black & Orange with Bronze Trim This classic medallion design with the anniversary year in Roman...

This AA Medallion with the Camel is a great give away reminding us we can go One Day without a drink and that it is a much easier task if we go to our knees...

Available in 1-60 years as well as 18 month adn 24 hour. Each features the likenesses of AA founders Bill W. and Dr. Bob.  "UNITY SERVICE" at the top and...

Al-Anon Aluminum Desire Chip – This aluminum token has the Al-Anon Logo and Welcome on the front side with a stylized version of the slogan One...

Front : Life Is a Journey Not A Destination. Reverse : Personal Growth is not a journey of a thousand days or a journey of a lifetime it is a journey...

Front: Coffee Pot  Welcome 24 - Keep Coming Back Back: There are no strangers here only friends we haven't met.


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Air Tight Capsule to Protect and Preserve a Medallion

A very beautiful Biker Medallion called the  Red Flame  very colorful.  See our special  Gift Pack  item.

Front:   Angel In Blue Back:   An Angel to be with you when I cannot This item will ship within 6 working days.