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Bold, Bright & Sparkled

Bold, Bright, and Sparkled AA Coins


Our Bold, Bright & Sparkled AA Medallions were created to give our customers a wide choice of designs, colors and special effects. They are all manufactured and colored in the United States. These medallions are enhanced in some cases with a special treatment which creates a sparkle effect.  You can see the sparkle effect in blue, pink, silver, and gold. The base material is brass.  It is then rhodium or gold plated and then color and/ or sparkle is added for a very special look. The medallions are used to celebrate years of sobriety in AA.   Some AA groups refer to them as Birthday Medallions and others call them Anniversary Medallions. For an extra special gift, you can add our Medallion Gift Pack, which makes giving a medallion special.   Or you can order our most popular Leather Key Tag to carry the medallion.

The medallions on this page have the classic AA Design. Each medallion is colored, some of which have a special sparkle affect in the triangle area. Some of the medallions on this page are exclusive to the Sober Medallions website. The front of the medallions has the epoxy coating. The backs are not coated, but are either gold plated or silver plate. The size is a standard AA Medallion size 1 - 5/16 inch diameter. However, this medallion is thicker and will not fit easily in the leather key tags.

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