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Beautifully minted bronze recovery medallion which says "To thine own self be true" along with Unity, Service and Recovery which surround a triangle.  Inside the triangle is a circle featuring the anniversary month or year for your sobriety.  The Serenity Prayer is on the back

This AA bronze medallion by Bright Star has incredible details and superb craftsmanship.  The front of the coin features the AA triangle symbol with UNITY...

$31.80 $29.75
  Only Select Years Available   Silver plate coin with Pink background & Silver Sparkle triangle center outlined in Silver.  Inside the...

$31.80 $29.75
Gold plate coin with shiny Black background & Pink Sparkle triangle center outlined in gold.  Inside the pink trinagle is a black circle with the...

$31.80 $29.75
Only Select Years Available   Gold plate coin with Grey Background and white triangle and a black center.  Inside the White trinagle is a black...

Make any medallion gift extra special, add this gift pack to your order for that extra special person. The Gift Pack Accessories Include A Red...

$11.65 $9.75
Save on the  Wendell's 24 hr Aluminum Tokens when you buy a package of 25 for just $8.75.  That makes them just 35 cents each!

Family members and friends of alcholics need support too.  Help provide that support with these Al-anon anniversary medallions.  This bronze anniversay chip...

$5.10 $4.75
This NA bronze medallion has incredible details and superb craftsmanship.  The front of the coin features a diamond symbol with Self- God-Society-Service...